Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to Install MomentCam for PC

Moment Cam PC - It is an app named 魔漫相机MomentCam 北京百舜华年文化传播有限公司, and don't tell me how I got to reach it without using Asian characters.

But is more shocking, almost at the witchcraft is that the app created by the Chinese developer Man Mo Xiang Ji (translated as the App of camera magic) has reached several apps from around the world, and not only Asian top (that would be the same).
MO Man Xiang Ji is an application of decision of photography and editing, which comes with a range of personalisation options to transform your photo into a comic book character.
The application uses facial recognition advanced to add your face in comic caricatures in a spectacular way, then modify the shape of your face, choosing between 200 templates post-editing.
What is most amazing app is who has shown that sometimes is not necessary to the native language of a user to use an app, if it is capable of being intuitive enough.
And this facility is which has understandably gotten the app to reach first place in the App Store of China and some of Asia, due among other reasons to own app called the attention of the media and celebrities.
What makes no sense is to see it in high positions in the Western markets, where almost all the users, and myself, we were unable to understand the instructions.
Its various appstore has reached since climbing has been such incredible sixth place in the general table of free applications in the United States.UU. (superior to photo and video applications), second overall in Australia and with a dramatic increase in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany or Spain.

Now the question arises, and more while back the hand of the Chinese, it's an example of organic viralization associated with a good content or otherwise are any strategy of marketing something rare.
Although Chinese culture is today very influential throughout the world it might make sense that this application is nothing more than a sign of a future and we are facing the first application of Chinese language to become a global fashion, or conversely behind this success there is some trick.
The progress of the application has stumped Ouriel Ohayon, co-founder of Appsfire, who admits that he has never seen anything like this before:

"Is there anything I'm missing or they're using little legal marketing techniques to grow and obtain positive reviews.
I can understand why he is successful in China or Asia, but its ranking in the us.UU. It makes no sense".

Such was the success achieved worldwide in a few weeks that the officials have decided to create the app for the Western market by giving it the English language.
But it seems that this is only the beginning, as the app has reached an agreement with WeChat for Andorid users may receive additional templates, and for its part MomentCam Gets a huge spread in the popular messaging platform.
I just have to say that not is if there is "locked up" behind the excessive growth of the app, but I can assure that I have used it with the Chinese language and I've been able to create true works of art.
As podenis see below only necessary a vine from 6 seconds to check the ease and the results of the app.