Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Download Temple Run 2 for PC

Temple Run 2 PC - One of the most fun and addictive games that has existed for the most popular mobile platform, Android, and iOS is no doubt Temple Run, Imangi Studios studies, it presents the adventures of a character who, apparently get a treasure haunted a temple (in the style of Indiana Jones) and he must escape from a species of monkeys monsters that pursue itwhere we embody their role and must we avoid many obstacles and run to avoid being devoured.

In this new installment of this saga, who played the first game we can quickly notice an incredible improvement in graphics, new and most exciting designs in the maps and now we will have to do until stunts to throw us a rope while we escape from evil monkeys and dodged obstacles. Will also have the opportunity to drive mining trucks at high speeds to escape from the monsters, but beware! Faster it is easier to make mistakes and collide with an obstacle.

In addition, we will have to continue collecting coins for them purchase improvements in abilities such as the possibility of passing obstacles or be much faster for a few seconds, and also acquire new aspects to the character.

The popular Temple run is amazing, so much so that although for a long time it was an exclusive game for iOS and Android, already has more than 170 million downloads worldwide, something amazing. This is the third title in the series, since mid-2012 launched Temple Run: Brave, inspired by the Disney Pixar animated film.