Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Download Deer Hunter 2014 for PC

Deer Hunter 2014 for PC - The new series adventure will begin! Prepare your weapon and aim for the targets.

To doors of a new year, here the first online game for Facebook in this 2014. Deer Hunter is a fun game with spectacular graphics. And all completely free.

He returned to the wild world in this new version of Deer Hunter 2014, one of the hunting simulators more realistic and popular social network. In this new adventure you must travel to the Pacific Northwest to hunt a wide variety of wild and exotic animals.

Deer Hunter 2014 has new scenarios and improved graphics, as well as more than 100 species of animals that we can add to our collection. But be careful, because the minor carelessness can be fatal.

As all good hunter must worry not get too or making noise to scare away the animal you want to take home. Among the most dangerous and agile animals we have bears, cheetahs and lions that lurk in the shadows.

For the better your shots and win more points you can buy new weapons. Deer Hunter 2014 has a huge list of weapons and tools so that your attacks are deadly. You can also challenge your Facebook contacts to overcome your personal brand.