Monday, January 20, 2014

How to install Pou for PC

Pou for PC is a friendly virtual pet for PC. This claimant creature you will have to take care of her, feed her and follow her on their growth and development.

If you rememoras the old version of the Tamagotchi, downloading Pou PC you will install on your computer a similar proposal, although most original and completely renovated. Fundamentally, the game is a small be alien shaped potato which you must feed, clean, dress up and help to survive, at the same time that vas providing it with many extra options.

Truly, playing Pou'll you life your pet while you get bonuses, prizes and unlock new possibilities for good care. In this sense, increasingly more than better conditions to select dress it and provide it with more custom features. At the same time, the collection of coins throughout the game will give you even more opportunities.

On the other hand, with Pou for PC offers a multiplicity of options in terms of their habitat. As it happens that your pet will be in a small house with kitchen, game room, bedroom laboratory. Thus, while in the first spaces you will run your life, at last will be where cures it and cleaning when it is necessary to do so.

While Pou was originally developed for mobile devices, now you can have the application also on your PC. To achieve this you will need to run it on the computer with the help of an Bluestacks emulator.
Then, if you want to have fun with a very entertaining game, where you have to optimize care for your creature, this is your chance. Do not waste more time in downloading Pou free PC!

• Virtual pet for PC
• Multiple customization options
• Unlockable possibilities
• Allows for bonus extras

• The graphics are not his greatest achievement