Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to run Clash of clans for PC

Clash of clans is a game of strategy and construction in which you will have to get resources to enlarge your village, plunder rival villages (and avoid being besieged), and gain power to dominate the rest of the villages. It is a game online style Age Of Empires in which also you can join clans and alliances with the villages of other users around the world.

In this game of wars between clans both you will be worth a good strategic planning of your attack as a forceful fast attack on the walls of your opponents. To enter battle you have different types of soldiers, the vigorous barbarians, powerful magicians and towering dragons, and other units by the style. You can join a clan or create your own clan and invite your friends to join. Together you can share your resources and military strength to protect of invasions or support you in your campaign. Can you stand up the clan that reigns above all? in Clash of Clans struggle for power has no end, you have to loot villages and beat many armies to move above the rival clans.

As you increase in level, you can receive new elements to construct buildings and gather more resources, as well as enhancements to your soldiers and defensive elements to protect your walls, such as canyons or traps. The power leads to the power so the more you have, the more you will get. He plunders merciless neighbouring villages to enrich you and your village becomes the jewel of the Kingdom. It also includes a campaign mode that you play alone, but also requires that you're connected to the Internet.

Install Clash of clans in your smartphone or Android tablet if you are looking for a game of civilizations and strategy in which you will also have to develop your civilization and enrich you to get the best buildings in your village. All this in a war game online multiplayer so you make a good coalition with your friends, or to make prove them who is charge, you decide.