Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to run Hill Climb Racing for PC - Windows

Among so many novelties, full of releases and announcements such as Rockstar Games, announced the title of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for soon; Today we have the exit of two excellent and very popular Android, Windows Phone 8. The first is Sky Cups, with several awards over and on the other hand Hill Climb Racing for PC, with excellent grades also. Both are free and are now available in the shop. Thus, we have the arrival of two very entertaining and addictive games to Windows 8. Both have an excellent rating in Android and a theme that is not minor, are free. One of them is Sky Cups, a game where we will be breaking glasses to complete levels among other options; and the other is a total challenge to gravity Hill Climb Racing while we drive mountain trying to get the best rating. As we said, on the one hand we have the advent of Sky Cups, a popular game for Android. It is an entertaining, perfect game to pass the time. Featuring more than 90 levels, and there will be even more levels in future updates. There are five different worlds, with unique game features and several game modes such as arcade, puzzles, bubbles, and jewelry. The game is easy to start and is quite addictive. It is also, in a way, very fast. Jump levels at levels very quickly and has quick transitions in the game. That's good, since they end up playing several levels in a brief five minute break. Sky Cups And another that is released is Hill Climb Racing, a game in which we will go along a hill, fighting against gravity and collecting coins and gasoline. The vehicle we can customize it, as well as also exchange it for another. We have also 15 stages with different levels in each. The game features unique environments to climb the Hill: field, desert, Arctic and moon. With 16 different vehicles, you can earn points for bonus of daring tricks and collect coins to improve the engine of the vehicle, suspension, tires and 4WD. The objective is to achieve the highest possible score and then we can share it on social networks with our friends. Like the previous one, this game boasts an excellent rating in Android and assures us several hours of fun. Hill Climb Racing I think that there are no excuses to not play them or at least give it a try. They are two very good games, with cute graphics, quite addictive and the best, that will give us many hours of fun and this free. http://www.emget.com/hill-climb-racing-pc-windows-mac/