Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to run Talking Tom Cat for PC

Who does not know Talking Tom Cat PC? Yes, this funny Kitty, for Android and IOS, which repeats what you say you and that you can 'interact' with him or record messages.

This pussycat, along with other many apps for IOS and Android, are the work of Outfit7, and belong to the Talking Friends series.

As well, among the many apps of this type that are offered, probably the best known are Talking Tom Cat, but there are many others, some of which are free, but others are extra.

In this case, I would stop me at Tom completo Messenger. This app is probably not far from the previous one, but allows another series of actions that may be of interest:

-You can choose between the Tom cat and dog Ben (for free), or between other many characters (of payment), each with its own vocal characteristics.

You can choose the background of the setting in scene which offers the own app, choose from our library of device or make a photo from the own app to put background (for example, use our classroom as a background). We can also add them t-shirts, caps, etc. to our personsaje (of payment)

-We can share our messages in multiple ways: e-mail as file mp4, by SMS, send it to someone by Facebook, or share it in the world of Facebook or Twitter. In addition, doing some kind of 'juggling technicians' will share it for WhatsApp *.

-Applications in the classroom:

This app can be very useful to send fun reminders to our students, to review some important concept, to make some kind of summary, report something, etc. Can also be useful to promote speaking in their own language, practice languages, or intonation and singing in music class, why not?; We can also be useful to introduce in early ages the difference between acute (the voice of Tom) and grave (the voice of Ben). Tom, or any of their friends, can become the mascot of our class, sure that our students loves!